There are a number of treatment options available to help counteract the natural wrinkling and sagging of aging skin. By combining industry-leading technologies with the deft touch of an experienced doctor, TrueSkin Dermatology has helped countless patients look younger and feel more confident. 


Lasers are very effective, precise tools when operated carefully in the right hands and by an experienced cosmetic dermatologist. In the wrong hands, lasers are indiscriminately destructive within milliseconds to critical structures, and easily induce injuries that scar. At Trueskin Dermatology and Surgery, safety is our first priority. We are conservative in our approach and thoughtful in our planning and treatments. We know and understand skin anatomy, the physics of light, and the tissue reaction to laser, so as to precisely control the laser benefit and effect in our patients.

Laser light can be directed to the collagen fibers of the second layer of skin, our dermis, and induce a skin tightening. The results are predictable and reproducible. The downtime is minimal (hours to days) with technology that is “non-ablative” (not peeling off the top skin layer). The amount of redness, swelling and other risks are minimized in non-ablative resurfacing laser technology. 

The ICON Laser System with 1540 nm output is an excellent non-ablative laser with technology that enhances light penetration to the collagen in the dermis, and that protects the epidermis from effect. The technology was years in development and only recently has been perfected for good results with minimal to no downtime. This is a go-to laser for the deeper wrinkles in our face, upper lip and around the eyes. It is also highly effective for softening acne scars.

The ICON 1540 nm system is employed to treat wrinkles in the popular “3 for me”, called 3 for me because lasers target three things: pigment, redness and wrinkles of the face.

The PicoSure Laser System targets pigment splotches which make us look old, and collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis for tightening and wrinkle softening. It is state of the art in its skin effects and help in treating skin aging. 

Ablative laser systems in our Erbium YAG Laser System are effective for smoothing the surface “hills and valleys” of wrinkles and acne scarring. With that top skin ablation, there is a predictable amount of redness and downtime.


Beyond laser, the latest advancement is Radiofrequency or RF tightening. This remarkable technology is produced through the best device in the field for RF, called TempSure Envi.  In our opinion, TempSure Envi reliably produces better and more lasting results than older devices such as ultherapy and thermage. By heating the skin through locally applied electrical waves, collagen fibers tighten and firm the skin. Since skin collagen remodeling and tightening are a process over time, lasting results are seen over months and with a series of treatments. Remarkable results and tighter skin are seen with treatment to the face wrinkles, neck sagging and loose skin of the abdomen (belly). Loose belly skin after pregnancy can be lasting until RF tightening and treatment is done to the sagging abdomen skin. TempSure is also preferred after having SculpSure / Warm Sculpting for excess body fat removal. After the fat dissolves with Warm Sculpting, the belly skin is loose and needs tightening for a firmer, younger look. (Of note, we do not offer women’s health RF treatment, leaving that to the field of gynecology.) TempSure Envi aids in tightening baggy eyelids when the sagging is noticeable, but not severe enough to require blepharoplasty surgery.  Tempsure Envi also helps in dry eye conditions. 

A TempSure RF treatment to the face, eyelids, neck or abdomen feels warm and comfortable. Immediately afterwards, most patients have a light pink blush and an instant diminishing of lines, simply from some fluid in the skin tissues. The immediate effect is pleasing, so much that the treatment is commonly requested before socializing at night. (Of course, the lasting tightening comes over time from collagen renewal and repair.) With RF treatment, there is no laser light and no breaks in the skin, with minimal to no downtime. Most patients look refreshed by evening after their RF treatment. 


With aging, we lose volume and tightness to our skin. It droops and sags. It won’t stay in place. Fillers with hyaluronic acid (like Voluma, Juvederm, and Restylane) lift up, fill in and tighten our skin. Placed superficially and deeply, the results are instantaneous, pleasing, even striking. Nearly all of us would love to look younger through the lifting and tightening to our cheeks, face, chin and lips with filler. The hyaluronic acid fillers at Trueskin Dermatology and Surgery are your answer. The products feel soft, natural to the touch, and last for months. They are liked by everyone.


Our skin gets crinkled with lines when we move our face muscles. Eventually the lines stay, just as cardboard shows lines on folding it again and again. Botox effectively weakens, even immobilizes specific muscles that are wrinkling and creasing our skin again and again.  Because Botox neuromodulator is quickly inserted through a needle, many individuals erroneously believe that treating with Botox is as simple as giving a shot or an injection. It is not that simple or safe. 

The expertise of Botox treatment is having the physician (not a nurse) precisely inject the Botox into specific muscle groups, and not into other nearby muscles. That level of knowledge of facial anatomy and its fine muscles, nerves and vessel is only gained through intense, repetitive study and hands on work within the face itself. Because as one muscle is weakened with the Botox, then an opposing muscle group is released to pull in the opposite direction, the result can be smoothing out a wrinkle – a positive effect – or the result can be unintentionally drooping an eyebrow – a negative outcome. Daily hands on experience in the subtle differences of facial anatomy (such as in the experience of Dr. Harrison, a dermatologist and skin surgeon) is critical to placing Botox and fillers properly. Botox placed in the correct muscle and muscle plane can soften lines and wrinkles, making us look younger and more rested. The side effects can be minimized, or simply altogether avoided, when an experienced dermatologist and M.D. injects the Botox (neuromodulator) and filler. 


Dr. Harrison has used lasers to treat skin since 1992. He has used or owned over 30 laser systems. Dr. Harrison has used fillers to enhance his patients’ beauty for years, since 1998. Dr. Harrison began treating patients with Botox in 1998 for wrinkles and facial lines just after the treatment for aesthetics was discovered. By every estimate, he was the first in Utah to treat headaches with Botox, dating to 1999. And he is one of the first in Utah to pioneer the use of Botox for excess sweating (hyperhidrosis). Dr. Harrison is recognized as one of the most experienced and meticulous cosmetic and aesthetic dermatologists in the state of Utah.  


With extensive expertise with lasers, RF (radiofrequency), fillers and Botox, and hands on daily experience with face anatomy (muscles, nerves, arteries and veins), Dr. Harrison meticulously visualizes your face and its contours. Dr. Harrison knows the 3D anatomy of the face – critical knowledge to using Botox chemical to weaken facial muscles and to injecting fillers to create lifted, sculpted cheek bones, fuller lips, to add volume and to shape younger looking faces. For example, he performed cadaver dissections since before medical school and during medical school (1983-1985) and has continued his intense study up to our current day. He performs head dissections in courses for skin cancer and for aesthetics (fillers and Botox) because knowing face anatomy precisely is so critical in aesthetic dermatology (fillers and Botox). In addition, Dr. Harrison sees the 3D anatomy of his patients’ faces every day in his busy skin cancer and surgical practice. Dr. Harrison excises skin cancers, gently cutting and dissecting into the face skin layers, then reviews the surgical specimen under the microscope to detect skin cancer roots. Once he has removed the skin cancer, Dr. Harrison applies his day-to-day knowledge of face anatomy to plan and reconstruct the surgical defect (hole), by cutting additional face layers to “flap” and close the defect aesthetically well. Dr. Harrison’s familiarity and working knowledge of face anatomy is fundamentally helpful and critical when he visualizes your face and contours, and then treats you with RF (radiofrequency), Botox, fillers and laser. 

At an in-office consultation, Dr. Harrison and his staff can help you decide which treatments, in laser tightening, Botox and fillers, are best to rejuvenate and tighten your skin and to erase those wrinkles, crinkles and lines of aging. Call his office today at 801-255-7546 to schedule your consultation.  

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