warts on woman's foot

Warts are quite common and can appear anywhere on the skin. At TrueSkin Dermatology, we treat all types of warts, with a long-term approach designed to prevent them from recurring. All wart treatments are tailored to each individual patient’s skin and how it responds to treatment.

Understanding Warts

Warts are commonly occuring rough growths, called verruca, that can occur anywhere on our skin, including our hands, feet (“plantar warts”) and nails (“periungal warts”). We also treat flat warts (verruca plana), genital warts (condyloma) and molluscum, so-called water warts. 

Warts are caused by the HPV virus that instructs our skin to grow excess skin; thus, we get thick, warty growths. Molluscum (water warts) are also caused by a virus. For effective treatment, all of the virus infected skin and bumps have to be destroyed. We can be successful with multiple treatments of chemical and/or liquid nitrogen freezing. Surgery to “cut them out” is usually not effective because the warts easily re-grow and cutting can scar the skin permanently. At times, we treat large groups of warts by making the patient allergic to a product to help shrink the warts. 

It usually takes multiple treatments to destroy all the wart and wart-infected skin. Each treatment is aimed to reduce the size of the wart and its depth of penetration into the skin layers. A successful treatment is a treatment that makes the wart smaller each time it is treated. 

Treatments do cause local discomfort, redness, a blister or sore. We tailor each treatment to the patient, based on how quickly and aggressive we can treat and how tolerable each treatment is for the patient.

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