Fillers lift and tighten the skin, counteracting the natural effects of aging and often making us look years younger. When properly administered by an experienced, licensed dermatologist, fillers deliver great-looking, long-lasting results that feel natural to the touch.


With aging, we lose volume and tightness to our skin. It droops and sags. It won’t stay in place. Fillers with hyaluronic acid (like Voluma, Juvederm, and Restylane) lift up, fill in and tighten our skin. Placed superficially and deeply, the results are instantaneous, pleasing, even striking. Nearly all of us would love to look younger through the lifting and tightening to our cheeks, face, chin and lips with filler. The hyaluronic acid fillers at Trueskin Dermatology and Surgery are your answer. The products feel soft, natural to the touch, and last for months. They are liked by everyone.

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