Considered by many to be the best in the industry, our PicoSure Laser System was specifically designed to remove tattoo ink faster and with minimal downtime, by breaking up the ink into microscopic particles that can be carried away by the body. 

Understanding Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are pockets of ink in the dermis (second layer) and are permanent, by design. Medically, our body has no method to clear this ink…until lasers were designed for tattoo removal.  Laser light targets color, including the colors of tattoos. Since tattoos are darker than the skin color they live in, a laser can be designed to selectively target tattoo ink, with minimal heat transfer to the surrounding skin. Some older lasers, still in use to treat tattoos, typically take 10-12 treatments to significantly lighten the tattoo. Instead, the best tattoo laser (in the opinion of many) is the PicoSure Laser System. The PicoSure Laser was specifically designed to remove pigment and the ink of tattoos. It is the state of the art laser for tattoo removal. 

Instead of simply heating up the tattoo ink, the PicoSure laser light is delivered in super fast pulses of only nanoseconds. The result is that the tattoo ink is broken into very small particles by the laser’s nanosecond shock waves. The microsized tattoo particles are then carried  away from the skin by a very effective clean up immune response. The PicoSure treatment sessions are usually more effective than other laser systems, requiring only 4- 6 sessions to greatly lighten most tattoos. The treatments are tolerated well with minimal downtime afterwards.

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