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Look your best today with the laser skin treatments available at TrueSkin Dermatology. Board certified dermatologist Dr. Harrison has extensive experience treating skin conditions and promoting skin wellness and healthy aging treatments.

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From softening wrinkles to treating serious medical conditions like hyperhidrosis and cluster headaches, Botox has many uses when properly administered by an experienced physician. At TrueSkin Dermatology, we have years of experience safely and effectively using Botox to improve our patients’ quality of life.

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At TrueSkin Dermatology, we have years of experience helping our patients love how they look. Whether you’re looking to give a boost to your face, cheeks, chin, or lips, Dr. Harrison delivers results you’ll be excited to show off.


Want smoother, softer, healthier-looking skin? At TrueSkin Dermatology, we’ve got years of experience safely administering microderm treatments, which can improve your skin’s tone and texture as well as allowing topical medications to heal your skin more deeply and evenly.

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Leg veins


Visible leg veins make a lot of people feel self-conscious about wearing shorts, and can cause aches and soreness that often increase over time. However, as these superficial veins are not important for normal, healthy blood flow, they can be treated through various means. 


A long-proven method to treat signs of skin aging, chemical peels can lighten brown spots and tighten fine lines and wrinkles. At TrueSkin Dermatology, every chemical peel procedure is carefully supervised by a licensed physician to ensure your skin receives the appropriate care.

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