With over 30 years’ experience using laser systems and a deep understanding of the techniques, physics, and potential risks involved, TrueSkin has a long track record of performing laser hair removal procedures safely and effectively, with results our patients are proud to show the world.

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Excess hair, in areas beyond our scalp, can indicate an internal hormone abnormality or condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Dark, coarse hair growth can occur with acne, hidradenitis suppurativa, and acanthosis nigricans (dark skin patches on neck or underarms). Excess hair is called “hypertrichosis”. Excess hair with an underlying medical cause is called “hirsutism”. At Trueskin Dermatology and Trueskin DermSpa, we perform full evaluations as to the underlying causes and associated conditions, besides performing laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal is performed under the direction and supervision of an on-site medical doctor and dermatologist, Paul Harrison MD, in the safest and most effective manner to have laser hair removal or hair reduction done.

Safety is our first concern. Laser light is designed to target the dark pigment of hair and the pigmented cells in the hair follicle. However, many of us are darker pigmented, have freckling or recent tanned skin which could also absorb the laser light, not just our dark hair. Laser light absorbed by pigment in structures other than the hair can cause inflammation in nearby skin, leading to excess skin pigment (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation – PIH) and loss of pigment. Also, scarring can result.

At Trueskin, we have safety measures to ensure your safety. A dermatologist (an M.D. specialty trained and board certified in dermatology) is on site and immediately available in real time during your treatments. Next, our dermatologist Dr. Harrison has experience in laser treatments since 1992 and has used over 30 laser systems. He knows laser physics and skin tissue response with laser light.

Also, we use the best and safest lasers available for laser hair removal. Not only is the laser designed for hair, but the top skin layer is cooled to protect it from laser absorption. And before each treatment session, we use an industry leading safety device called SkinTel Melanin Reader. SkinTel measures the amount of pigment (melanin) at your treatment site to decide your ideal treatment settings, instead of only having to rely on a patient’s general skin type (hair, eye, burning & tanning ability) – the general skin type does not fluctuate with the seasons and the amount of tanned skin one has on a particular day. On the other hand, SkinTel measures the skin melanin in the target skin at each treatment session. The result is a safe treatment with reliable results.

Laser hair removal targets dark hair, not light hair and requires multiple treatments to target each hair in its growing phase. The results can be lasting, extending through the time of a hair follicle cycle, so the treatment is deemed “permanent” hair removal in the industry. Each person can respond differently, dependent on treatment area, skin type and desired outcome. At Trueskin DermSpa, we tailor the treatment to your needs and wishes.

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When treatments are properly supervised by an experienced medical doctor, lasers can be an amazing tool for removing excess body hair. Contact us today to book your appointment with a board-certified dermatologist.