Unlike cold-based treatments that can leave scars and cause nerve or skin damage, warm sculpting with our SculpSure laser gently melts away fat cells and allows them to be carried away by your body. Over two treatments, even stubborn fat deposits can be trimmed up nicely.


Excess fat is a concern to all of us. In spite of sporadic or steady dieting and exercise, we still hold on to pockets of fat in our skin. We have belly fat (abdomen), flank and love handles fat, fat inside of our arms and fat below our chin, in the submental area. Wouldn’t we all like to look and feel trimmer through the removal of fat without doing liposuction? Yes. 

The FDA approved laser for fat removal called SculpSure heats up areas of fat in our skin, melting the fat to be carried away to our lymphatics and flushed from our system.  This is not simply emptying the contents of fat cells, only to have the fat cells become engorged with fat again. Instead, the SculpSure laser system, also called Warm Sculpting literally kills fat cells – fat and cell membranes alike. The process is called “apoptosis” or programmed fat cell death.  

The Warm Sculpting procedure is commonly done in two sessions with laser packs held to your skin, while the warm laser light melts the fat. It is not cold and is not fracturing cells. SculpSure does not create “shark like” scars. It is not freezing nerves and other skin structures in its path, thereby, avoiding the risk for nerve damage.

The fat under our chin is also stubborn to disappear, creating fullness and double chins. We would prefer to lose that fat and find our sharply contoured L shaped neck, from when we were a little thinner and younger. The SculpSure Laser – Warm Sculpting to under the chin is a reliable, popular method to lose that submental fat. Plan on having two treatment sessions to see a nice improvement.  

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