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Trueskin Dermatology and Surgery and Trueskin DermSpa are located in Sandy Utah. We specialize in helping you with your skin – skin that breaks out, grows a bump, creates a skin cancer, gets itchy, is stretched by fat, gets weathered, freckled and wrinkled. There are fabulous methods to assist you using creams, prescription medications, a surgical scalpel and microscope, fillers and lasers. The focus of our entire staff is to help you look and feel better.

Get to Know Dr. Harrison

Dr. Paul Harrison is a board certified dermatologist — an MD specializing in skin. He is a well-respected skin surgeon and Mohs surgeon for the treatment of skin cancer. He is very experienced in using the fine shaping tools of lasers, fillers and Botox for body contouring, wrinkles, freckling and aging.

Dr. Harrison is well trained, thorough and personable. He grew up in Utah, receiving his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at BYU, then his Medical Degree (M.D.) in 1988 at the University of Southern California (USC). While in medical school, Dr. Harrison developed a strong interest in allergy and immunology, performing cell culture research in rheumatoid arthritis and leprosy. He also stitched many, many skin lacerations and wounds because at the busy Los Angeles County Medical Center, medical students were needed to stitch and sew patients in the ER, and on rotations in OB, surgery and ENT. One early morning at 2 AM, medical student Harrison was asked to stitch together an ear. The ear had been traumatically cut into two halves by a knife – the top half had been cut from the bottom half. After the stitching, the gentleman’s ear healed quickly to which med student Harrison said, “Skin is cool” in how it heals.

Dr. Harrison has always been curious of how the whole body works. So after medical school, Dr. Harrison did specialty training in Internal Medicine (adult medicine) in Houston Texas at the Baylor College of Medicine, completing a full residency of training (1988-1991) and becoming board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine. But he liked visually seeing skin troubles – relying on his eyes to make a diagnosis (not his ears, a stethoscope and lab result). In training, he had been fascinated by a measles rash and a skin drug reaction spreading over the whole body, by the bumps of skin cancer, and by the emotional impact of how our skin appearance affects how we feel about ourselves. Dr. Harrison had developed a passion for dermatology and wanted to devote his career to helping people not only feel better inside but look better on the outside.

Dr. Harrison next completed a fellowship in the skin condition psoriasis in Dallas Texas. During that year, he wrote a grant to study psoriasis and formed a research team that discovered a gene that causes psoriasis. That break through research was published in the prestigious journal Science. Dr. Harrison then finished a full residency specialty training program in Dermatology and Skin Surgery in Cleveland Ohio, becoming board certified in Dermatology (1995). Also, Dr. Harrison devoted six months to Mohs Surgery with academic surgeons at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland and at Baylor in Houston. In addition, Dr. Harrison was awarded a preceptorship in allergy testing, called patch testing, to help skin allergy sufferers and tough-to-treat eczema patients.

Dr. Harrison was invited to join the full time Dermatology faculty at the University of Florida in Gainesville Florida. As an Assistant Professor, Dr. Harrison taught MDs in training, the specialty of Dermatology, Skin Surgery and Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dermatology.

In 1997, Dr. Harrison returned to Utah to private practice, just as more lasers were being launched nationally and Botox was discovered to help forehead wrinkles. Over these years, through clinical practice (and CME courses in cadaver workshops, in dermoscopy to find melanomas and laser updates), Dr. Harrison offers state of the art dermatology, precision surgical skill and compassionate care to his patients.

An Eye For Beauty

Dr. Harrison is married to a wonderful person and wife. They have two accomplished adult children, a daughter and a son. But most important to them are their four fun granddaughters. Dr. Harrison is visual minded, seeing things as they are and can be. He loves the light and shadows of photography, particularly shooting landscapes, nighttime sky in the middle of the night and the warm colors at sunrise. He is likable, cheerful, and thoughtful in decision making and caring.

Paul Harrison photography
Paul Harrison photography

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