TrueSkin Dermatology employs a variety of proven methods to reduce and remove cysts, skin tags, and other growths. We’ll even help you navigate your insurance coverage to determine whether a particular procedure is covered by your policy or considered an elective surgery. 

Understanding Cysts & Tags

Common epidermal inclusion cysts, hair follicle (pilar) cysts and proximal mucus nail cysts (on a finger) can be a smooth bump on the skin of our body, scalp and hand.  When they get inflamed and painful, patients seek immediate medical attention to decrease the swelling, size and inflammation. Many individuals dislike when cysts enlarge, when a hairbrush strikes the scalp cyst and when they bump a cyst on their finger.  Dr. Harrison is skilled to medically decrease the size and swelling of a cyst using medicine and injection, and to surgically remove a cyst. 

Tags of extra skin can show up in skin folds and be itchy, tender and annoying. Any skin growth can be evaluated by Dr. Harrison. Also, he can inform you as to if your insurance views tag removal as an insurance covered benefit or as an elective procedure and not covered by them. Trueskin Dermatology can evaluate any tags, bumps, skin lumps and growths that you develop. 

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