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From excising cancerous spots and potentially harmful moles to removing painful or annoying cysts and tags, TrueSkin Dermatology’s Dr. Harrison is a certified Mohs surgeon with decades of experience providing outstanding results for his patients.

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Skin cancer occurs more commonly than all other forms of cancer combined. Fortunately, it can usually be detected and treated before it becomes a more serious problem. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, TrueSkin Dermatology specializes in prevention, early detection, and minimally invasive removal of dangerous cancer cells.


Often an ideal treatment for skin cancers in delicate areas, Mohs micrographic surgery ensures the roots of any skin cancer cells are removed completely. With years of experience performing and even teaching this surgical technique, TrueSkin’s Dr. Harrison is an expert in the field.


TrueSkin Dermatology specializes not only in removing harmful skin cancers, but also making sure you look your best afterward. With a steady hand and years of artistic expertise, we’ll deliver aesthetically pleasing results that also promote rapid healing. 


Some moles are removed or shaved down for cosmetic reasons, while others may need to be removed because they’re cancerous or precancerous. We specialize in detecting and removing problematic moles, as well as making cosmetic alterations to normal moles. 


Cysts, tags, growths, or bumps can occur anywhere on the skin. They can be annoying, unsightly, and occasionally become inflamed and quite painful. We can evaluate all types of cysts and other skin growths, and determine the best course of treatment or whether surgical removal is necessary. 

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