After surgery to remove a skin cancer, any resulting surgical defects can be repaired by the trained hand of an expert surgeon. With careful attention to skin texture, color, and your natural features, any visible evidence of your cancer removal site can be minimized or removed entirely.

Understanding Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive and aesthetically pleasing skin surgery is a strong skill of Dr. Harrison in repairing the surgical defect following Mohs micrographic surgery to remove a skin cancer. The face has naturally occurring creases and folds where surgical lines and closures can be aligned and hidden. Dr. Harrison may advance adjacent similar appearing skin – similar in color and texture – in a skin flap or use a skin graft in the reconstructive repair of your skin. Our skin is remarkable and can heal miraculously well. That healing is aided when the skin is surgically reconstructed with the artistic eye and surgical expertise of Dr. Harrison. Dr. Harrison has years and years of experience in skin cancer surgery and in aesthetically pleasing reconstructive surgery.

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When it comes to repairing sensitive cancer removal sites, an experienced reconstructive surgeon can make all the difference in the end results. Contact us today to book your appointment with a board-certified dermatologist.